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Family house Albatross

A house with spread wings in a beautiful slope above the river that was never built due to conflicts between the builders. There is only a nostalgic and romantic memory of one of the most cherished projects from the past.  The concept of a timber structure using the motif of ´wings´ is truly based on an albatross flying over the water. Unfettered dynamics, the will to move, advances in a feathery direction towards the Vltava.  An idea never carried out – a conviction that each good building has its own story. The building’s structure looks like an albatross in flight. The architect walked along the embankment, searching for the picture of the house in his heart. An albatross was sitting there, spread its wings and took off. Then it landed on the water. As if the house also took off above the water.



Category:Residential houses
City:Boršov nad Vltavou
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