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Headquarters Chemical trading company

The key principle which defines the method and approach to the solution and architectural design of the building was investor´s requirement for creation of a representative head office of the company that would meet the standards for the office building, warehouses and laboratories. Among the main factors underpinning the architectural concept belong the environment of industrial architecture and the presence of the rail road. The building itself is of horizontal, longitudinal design; its basic shape is simple and rational. An important element working with the basic shape is the angled street façade in line with the neighbouring building which brings new dynamics to the basic shape of the building. A similar approach of "angled mass" was also used in shaping the skylight structure on the roof. The longitudinal character of the building is reflected in the indoor layout - it basically consists of three aisles - including the "operating" aisle, the corridor in the middle and the service aisle. The building is of a single floor design.



Category:Infrastructure / industry, Offices and retails
Client:Chemická obchodní společnost
Built project:2006