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Pouzar fitness centre

A new era landed on the left riverbank at the edge of a block of gray, Socialist concrete apartment towers. It yet captured the essence of the time of the Velvet Revolution time perfectly. The building’s image grants the characterless place a face of a lovely creature. A two-storied house has two large rooms – a multifunctional hall on the ground floor and a large fitness room on the 1st floor vaulted by bent timber trusses. Squash courts close the building’s body shaped as a fish tail fin turned up. The morphology of this house including additional nautical details is a retrospective of neo-functionalism and a full stop behind one phase of architectural work.

In 1991 the project was presented at the World Architecture Biennale in Venice.



Client:Jaroslav Pouzar
Built project:1991
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48°59'17.935, 14°27'23.756