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Shopping gallery Přerov

Reconstruction and completion of the existing shopping centre Prior - conversion into modern urban shopping centre in the broader city centre at the pedestrian route between the centre and residential quarters of the city - good quality urban facility complementing the character of the location. The rational, harsh concrete block as for the shape and material, with rounded corner, is complemented with light weighted steel elements of escape galleries, staircases and smaller mass of atrium and sky-lights with transparent filling made of perforated metal sheet. Steel structures on the façade allow coordinated placement of advertisement. The part of the parterre leading towards both main pedestrian routes includes glassed entrances to the passage; shopping windows make the adjacent urban space livelier. The width is sufficient for placement of front gardens, season booths and urban mobiliary. The parking is on the roof which ends with a high attic on the perimeter, partly covered with textile membranes. The playful figures on the attic are in contrast with the rationality of the fundamental elements. The bright and pure interior forms a sort of backbone, an indoor shopping street illuminated from the top.



Category:Offices and retails
Client:PRIOR, obchodní domy, a.s.
Built project:2016
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