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Multi-purpose building Václavské náměstí

Václavské náměstí, Prague citizens call ´Václavák´, will always provoke. The main boulevard, the prime location, good address, the heaven of commercial orgies as well as a walkway with waiting prostitutes. The business of this building is a flow of goods, money and first of all people. Commerce is the prime mover. As taxpayer and consumer, man is vulnerable to its power. We projected this sharply delineated idea onto the façade and materialized it not only into the expected glass and aluminium, but represented by unstylized naked human bodies. The motif of bodies on the facade draws upon the picture of city crowds, as well as figurative facades of the buildings of 19th century Václavské náměstí, which are perhaps the most poignant reference. Compared with the old-fashioned stillness, opulence of bodily curves and noble stupor of historic statuary, our human bodies on the façade move or even shout, perfect in their proportions, lonely and independent in their self-reflection. We created a truly contemporary reflection of our time on an old building, not just a sugary, empty pastiche.



Category:Offices and retails
Cooperation:Radko Květ
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