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Consulting Centre E.ON

Interior with several functional zones. A self-service with symmetrically located stands on both sides and a workplace with computers and phones connected to the call centre. A consulting centre for express and longer consultations featuring exhibits and models demonstrating economical measures, a room for private consulting. An academy for first of all children, with light effects and thematic projections. The main space-forming elements are curves, round shapes, introducing friendlier and more open form of space articulation. The interior is clear organized, transparent if viewed from the street, without any barriers so that a client of a child visitor moving around the space would not feel restricted.



Category:Residential houses, Offices and retails
Client:E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o.
Built project:2010
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48°58'15.576, 14°28'19.262