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Interior of multipurpose hall Forum Karlín

Interior of a multifunctional hall, on place of a factory for fletchettes. A multifunctional space for a wide range of occasions - from big rock concerts to small seminars, from the mass concerts where the hall should be just resistant to the people to VIP occasions like fashion shows or TV shows. Each of three floors is devided into three main parts - entrance lobby, hall, where the main production is situated, and service areas behind the stage. The hall shows its face and recognisable design to visitors and in the same way the design is be able to retreat when it is neccessary for production. Situated in a traditionally industrial district of Prague provides industrial feeling, yet not a replica of and old factory. Interior that links contemporary fine works and details with a roughness of the industraial surrounding. The colour scheme reflects needs of the production, for which a dark hall is the most suitable. As a contrast and refreshment of the main monochromatic colour range there is a bold graphic on the walls in white and yellow, striking yellow staircases and mirrors in a lobby bar.

A number of Czech and international architecturally oriented webs found this built project interesting.

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Special prix of the Jury - Best of Realty 2014


Category:Art and culture
Client:North Line
Built project:2014
Cooperation:Bofill Arquitectura, AED Project
Forum KarlínForum KarlínForum KarlínForum KarlínForum Karlí