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Revitalization Berliet industrial complex Lyon

A friend living in France offered me cooperation in a developer competition – to develop a new urbanism and architecture for a run-down, dying part of Lyon, France. To connect, plan a silky neighbourhood  “Carré de Soie”. Only beavers, ethnic minorities in mobile houses and squatters lived in a timeless and shapeless collage of industrial traces and natural torsos on the banks of the channel. The idea was to interconnect the area by a continuous axis, human and more complex, having no higher ambitions than to introduce a human scale and connect the revitalized riverbank to an artificial island and to the opposite riverbank, yet not using a “Great Axis/Axe Majeure”. The plan initiated garden housing and completion of a sport and social potential. Unfortunately, this plan the same as the whole project turned out to be too generous even for the French.



Competition:2002 - 2003
Cooperation:Reichen et Robert
City:Lyon, France
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