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Revitalization of Masaryk railway station

From a railway station to a landscape. Conservation of the existing condition of this historical heritage. Many bell towers and spires establish the cardiogram of the city’s panorama. We must respond to these conditions. We cannot hide from Prague. We suggest a veduta not reaching beyond the context of the city with two added towers. Extending the city park from Vítkov (hill) to Masaryk railway station. This is the principal idea of our design. The idea of a “large park”.  Placing the motorway on the ground, establishing a new city boulevard. Removing crossings of a motorway character emphasizing the crossroads of a city make-up. Interconnection of Karlín and Masaryk railway station  and lateral connection of Opletalova and Na Florenci (streets) in three time phases with respect to the adequate economy of the area.

Lecture given by Jiří Střítecký
Inventory of urbanism 2011- Masarykovo nádraží



Client:Masaryk Station Development a.s.
Competition:2010 - 2011
Cooperation:Jean Nouvel
GPS:50°5'15.123", 14°26'0.305"
Masarykovo nádražíMasarykovo nádražíMasarykovo nádražíinsertion-05_zmensenoNove_Stare_Brno_131010-masarycka1