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Revitalization Military granaries

The original complex of military granaries with solid industrial buildings was revitalized and converted to a multipurpose centre in the centre of the city. The project was interesting due to its two preliminary phases. The first one, before the conversion, had to “tear down fences” and discover this so-far inaccessible block to the citizens. To teach them come here and establish a positive relation to the place. A mix of functions typical for the centre of the city was established here with a minimal investment (shops, services, offices, surgeries, independent theatre, gallery, children’s world, market, etc.) and then the final design was produced in fact taking over all the successful functions from the “starting phase” (including the Bazilika cultural centre, the wellness and fitness centre, and others).
So, the goal was completing and intensifying the city. The urbanistic design is consistently subordinated to preserving the structure of an urban block. Architecture of the work is an intersection of the already existing volumes of the revitalized buildings, the effort to establish a natural urban environment and feasibility of the development.



Client:IGY a.s.
Built project:1994 - 2004
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48.9843956, 14.4720400