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Na Vidouli residential villas

The villas are located in a residential neighbourhood. They have tenements on one side and a development of family houses on the south. Four three-storied villas are based on a cubical form. They have one basement storey with a car park. The third aboveground storey steps back. The volume of a staircase and the entrance to the building is emphasised in its mass.  Each villa has the same footprint and dimensions. Balconies and terraces looking out into the green are on the western façade. The northern and southern façade are divided by four windows. The roof is flat; the parapet is lower stepping back to subdue the horizontal lines prevailing in the buildings; it is at the same time a cover of the lift penthouse. Regarding materials, the buildings are finished with thin white contact render; windows are lacquered white.



Category:Residential houses
Client:Abbey s.r.o.
Built project:2016