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Revitalization of ČKD works Praha - Karlín

Karlín is today an important historical industrial neighbourhood. The design shows an effort to preserve the original character of the former industrial outskirts and complexes of factories as well as rediscover the history. To preserve more valuable units and fragments of each building (structures, crane runways) we worked with first of all traditional typology of industrial complexes transformed into modern functional units. The principal idea of this design is following the characteristic footprint of this region (elongated buildings), preserving the oblong elements in the area, following this characteristic in new functions and breaking the barriers in the area (establishing necessary “pedestrian circulation” and “density of relationships” securing the life in a public space and vitality of the streetscape) and crossing the railway – making the green areas and sport activities accessible on the Vítkov hill.



Client:Real Estate Karlín - Palác a.s.