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Tourist complex Tunisia Hammamet

Our brief was to design a tourist complex in a sea resort. We looked for some possibility to make it different compared to other nearby resorts providing only accommodation. Our complex links accommodation, a shopping centre, cinemas, and a dolphinarium to large water pools and parks.We wanted to develop a riviera; a vibrant cultural scene that will match famous film festivals making the resort primarily associated with the festival and visiting VIPs.The area is divided in two parts: the first one contains a quiet scattered development of flats, a forest park with swimming pools, and a dolphinarium. Flats – towers are of a simple shape; rotating of stories allowed to have terraces attached to them. The second densely developed part consists of a hotel, a shopping centre, a multi-storey car park, and tenement houses whose fan-shaped structure provides views to the sea.
Palm trees on the embankment close the resort area.



Category:Residential houses, Leisure
Client:Ing. František Vaculík
City:Hammamet Sud, Tunisia