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Gallery Šantovka

This was an opportunity to transform the island between two river arms featuring an unbelievable potential, to turn it into a foreground of the historical centre of Olomouc. The close distance of the river is the ´genius loci´ of the Šantovka Gallery. Aside from building a shopping and entertainment centre in the place of the former factory complex the goal was to open the place to the public while preserving the local character.  This meant revitalizing the green and the river, building a flood protection barrier, respecting the nature and opening the embankment to the public, and building a bike path. The building is divided into several volumes matching the scale of surrounding buildings. It is lower and variable in shape along the perimeter grading up towards the centre; there are smaller organic isles in the east establishing the representative face of the centre. Facades combining glass and natural zones reflect the quality of public spaces.




Building of the Olomouc Region in the category ´Public Amenities and Upgrading of Public Areas´

Title Build of the Year 2014


Category:Offices and retails
Client:Galerie Šantovka s.r.o.
Built project:2013
Cooperation:Benoy Ltd. - design architect
ATELIER 8000 - executive architect and designer