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Revitalization and development Lipno nad Vltavou

We have been participating in the project transforming the former site accommodation for the Lipno dam – Lipno nad Vltavou into a viable successful community able to secure a good life for its inhabitants for 22 years. The community had to decide its future heading immediately after the social change at the beginning of the 1990s. It decided to base its future development and life on tourism.
So we prepared a basic town planning concept and first of all a concept draft of the tourism infrastructure able to attract tourists in summer as well as in winter. Lipno nad Vltavou is currently one of the most successful communities in the Czech Republic. Its economic as well as demographic, cultural and social indexes surpass regional trends typical for most of settlements in our borderland.



Client:Lipno nad Vltavou
Built project:1990 - 2013
City:Lipno nad Vltavou
GPS:48°38'23.062, 14°13'41.579