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New Sports Complex

A sports complex at the outskirts of the town close to a public park. A good position close to the town centre well connected to public transport. A complex connecting sport activities and commercial, relaxation and entertainment ones. The arena as a solitary element is anchored in the area together with a multi-purpose hall with a commercially used ground floor. Soft forms of buildings´ contours suggest the dynamics of movement and sport; natural forms close to the urban structure and relation to the landscape, a conflict of two worlds manifested in emotions of curves and breaks. A sport and commercially independently operating facility. Tribunes and service facilities for professional sportsmen meeting FIFA standards including football club offices. Part of the complex is also a structure of the sport stadium’s BOH and facility management offices, university offices, and a student dormitory. A multipurpose hall with a hotel is the commercial centre point of the whole complex; it is equipped for social and sport events and entertainment. The tennis club and technical facilities are detached buildings providing additional services.



Category:Leisure, Offices and retails
Client:České Budějovice
City:České Budějovice