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Revitalization Praha – Smíchov neighbourhood

At the very beginning of the 1990s we were lucky to work in Jean Nouvel´s architectural office for an international institutional investor and for the City of Prague planning the transformation and revitalization of the original industrial neighbourhood called Smíchov in Prague turning into a busy modern subcentre of the city. During this work we had a chance to understand and learn principles of a gradual, conceptual, and in the result a very successful revitalization of a city neighbourhood. The municipality as well as individual investors and owners later realized many of the then ideas and proposals (shifting the traffic corridor from the proposed motorway into the Mrázovka tunnel, the new centre of Smíchov around the Anděl crossing, conversion of military barracks to a municipal court, “discovering” the Smíchov embankment and the Sacré Coeur park). Our cooperation then culminated in a project and realization of the particular project of a multipurpose building called Zlatý Anděl /Golden Angel   (for more – see Zlatý Anděl/Golden Angel) and a project of the unbuilt Riverside building situated on the embankment at Smíchov.



Client:Consortium associates:
M.B.O. Amsterdam
C.G.I. Geneva
JNEC Paris
Praha 5
Built project:1991 - 2001
Cooperation:Jean Nouvel
GPS:50°3'48.025, 14°24'35.390