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Na Vidouli tenement Praha - Stodůlky

A simple rectangular shape. A block in the centre has one additional storey – a penthouse accommodating two flats and a separating atrium. The west smooth façade is split by entrances and vestibules. The fenestration follows an austere geometrical pattern. Each entrance has a different pattern of timber elements cladding the vestibule blocks. The eastern side is rather structural – its fenestration consists of windows of different formats and the spatial volume of balconies. The northern façade is just very simple. The outcome of the potential resulting from the orientation to the south was balconies. There is an access ramp to the underground car park from the south. The crucial visual element of the otherwise simple and clean façade is the railing. The main entrances to the building are on the street level.



Category:Residential houses
Client:Abbey s.r.o.
Built project:2016