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Family house Šestajovice

Not only the house but, also the garden is understood as part of the general layout design. It is an introvert object, with a clean-cut opinion on its own life. Ceramic artist Miroslav Páral helped the house a lot in his design and its realization as did not use the brief for his self-promotion. The base for his murals was a figurative composition of a male and a female body and their relation. They are rather shades penetrating the steel frame – giving evidence of the interior life. A green block emerged as an anomaly among a group of villas representing Czech capitalism of the 1990s represented by use of pseudo-antique appliqué and other false morphology. The building is unique due to the aggressive dichotomy of its functionalistic concept blended with Baroque model of cooperation with a visual artist. The exterior builds on the contrasting green and red colours, partly with the “hound’s tooth check” motives. The interior colour is grey – floor and wall tiles, yellow – ceilings on the ground floor, and blue – ceilings on the 1st floor. The large red window in the bathroom is the cherry on the cake.



Category:Residential houses
Client:Private investor
Built project:1999
Rodinný dům ŠestajoviceRodinný dům ŠestajoviceRodinný dům ŠestajoviceRodinný dům Šestajovicesestaj-20