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Sport marina

The Hluboka nad Vltavou sport marina well uses the existing river Vltava meander. Its shape was respected, sediments were excavated from the riverbed in the area in question, and only partial corrections of the outline had to be performed. The marina is divided in two connected basins (the permanent one for small ships + reference vessels). Higher trees cover bank edges and the island’s surface.
Vessels are tied at the allocated section along the perimeter usually to timber jetties founded on steel piles. Jetties are situated along the hill’s foot and locally connected to the shore by small bridges. A boat ramp is designed for launching boats. A landmark of the marina is the entry building with an elaborately designed lift bridge.Part of the marina is also a boat parking lot. It is on the left bank above the entry to the marina; it consists of two tight-coupled pontoons.



Category:Infrastructure / industry
Client:Directorate of Waterways Czech Republic
Built project:2015
City:Hluboká nad Vltavou