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Office building 1. JVS

A transformation of the place. A revitalized building materialized from a warren of several different buildings built in different periods. A healthy and vital frame that remained after layers of masses were removed transformed into one logical unit. The office building’s functions are organized following one simple scheme:  the central communication nodal point with two wings of open-plan offices. The nature is the finishing attribute characterizing the clear form of the oblong three-storey building: by its position, shape and scale, the new staircase becomes the focal point of the scene.  Ageing and deforming oak-wood board façade cladding will be observed from the different time horizon than plants scrambling up fine cables establishing the spatial hemisphere soon covering the building’s smooth body.



Category:Offices and retails
Client:1.JVS a.s.
Built project:2003
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48°59'58.261, 14°28'45.930
1. JVS1. JVS1. JVS1. JVS1. JVSP10100071. JVS1. JVS