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NISA Centre

Regional suburban shopping centre, whose synergistic content (shops, entertainment, gastronomy, multiplex) and location on the highway can attract customers not only from the regional city but also from the entire region. The territory at the southern border of Liberec with the existing shopping centre NISA, visible from the popular tourist destination – the peak of Ještěd. Interconnection of the new and the original structures pushes the facility beyond the standard of a "common building" and makes it an urban concept. The dramatic terrain configuration highlights the cascade composition of accessions; in addition, greenery plays an important role - trees grow through openings in the parking slabs. The entrance to the centre is made lighter and this "centre of energy" cumulates elements of dynamic nature - movement of cars and pedestrians. The descended section is planted, the roof plane is in line with the landscape context. The centre also includes an advance wall in the front field, providing space for advertisement, multimedia installations and logos. The wall is perceived only at the access to the centre and not in broad view and therefore it does not interfere with the landscape. The shopping passage is illuminated with day light in form of local sky-lights which on the roof create a sort of "landscape of diversity" together with other roof structures and technology. The large scale of the facility is made more human by application of minor elements made of various materials.



Category:Offices and retails
Client:ING Real Estate Development CR s.r.o.
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