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Retirement House

With its picturesqueness and a well-balanced urban fabric the town of Horažďovice looks almost as a spa town. The nursing home was designed to respond to these stimuli, both by its content and its final effect. From the urbanistic point of view, the building is located in a new town quarter. The individual floors offer forty four small flats. The ground floor opens up into a courtyard gallery, thus creating almost a square or promenade with facilities. On the south side there are flats with deep recessed balconies and sliding wooden Venetian blinds. The northern side features a promenade, balcony corridors, and a large glazed wall for admiring the outside world. The interior is colourful and lively, anticipating many accessories, pictures, textile furnishings, piano, and a billiard table.
The design of the glass cladding is the product of Atelier 8000, and its inexpensive technical solution makes it suitable also for financially delicate projects such us governmentally subsidised contracts. The system is frame-free, freely suspended, and safely dilating.



Category:Residential houses
Built project:1994 - 1995