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Revitalization of the Perla 01 Region

We open the Perla 01 compound – in terms of function and space. The complex will be first open for functions present also in the final state – theatre, concerts, rehearsals, and shopping. By letting these situations root in the area we want to change the mental map of the town – turn it from a closed area to a living example of creativity and freedom resulting from how the space is used. We preserve most of buildings establishing the industrial image of the place – only this way we may preserve the architectural character of the area in its integrity. We raze some buildings only to establish first-rate public spaces.
We insert functional blocks in factory halls and other buildings – modules tailored to specific purposes (residential, sport, ceramics course). The complex changes from the inside out reflecting local requirements. 17. listopadu (street) remains busy throughout the whole transformation period. Both the public and private sector have a chance to participate in the conversion. We also assume the public private partnership type of cooperation.

We won the third place in the architecture competition „Revitalization of the Perla 01 Region in Usti nad Orlici“.



Client:Municipality Ústí nad Orlicí
City:Ústí nad Orlicí