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Cultural centre Slavie

Architecture of the Slávia building is a daring dialogue of the historical unit and modern architecture. Both should meet demanding requirements on functional and cultural qualities of the environment. Linking the old and the new is set on the edge in the historical context defined by the Time and it may be considered from many different perspectives. The original structural materials freely transform into modern ones representing the period selected in order to emphasize transparency, reflection, and opening of spaces. This should in the end outline the abovementioned dialogue not just formally but also by the ethereal composition of volumes.



Category:Art and culture
Client:České Budějovice
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48°58'19.120", 14°28'33.408"
17_vizualizace18_vizualizace19_vizualizace20_vizualizaceKulturní dům Slavie22_vizualizace_foyer_aktual21_vizualizaceIMG_8186_exposure