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The element of intimacy contained in the shape of the letter U is supported by the entry from the internal courtyard, playful landscaping and moulding of forms. Viewing from the offices above the observer will be enchanted by the garden composition and clarity. The building smoothly fits into its surroundings. Coming closer the observer is surprised by unexpected motives and views. Open corners planted with green, moulding of facades and a surprise in the form of a quiet green inner courtyard are the moments of a pioneering expedition. Information have been an ever more important commodity that may decide lives of other people. Timely and correct information will turn its holder into a hero or a villain. The outer façade is formed on the base of a chip that is the main visually perceived characteristics. This does not only refer to the formal interpretation, but also internal functions of areas and technologies in the building. All media and people are distributed through a system of veins and busbars in the form of lifts, staircases and conduits.



Category:Offices and retails
Cooperation:CMC architects
Administrativní budova TELEHOUSEAdministrativní budova TELEHOUSEAdministrativní budova TELEHOUSEAdministrativní budova TELEHOUSEAdministrativní budova TELEHOUSE