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The Research Library

The first project we designed and built together. Modernisation of the heating system “expanded” into a new, ultra-modern world of books and information. The new, glazed, cultured cube of the loan section and reading-rooms open to readers to the maximum possible extent and it arises up from the Classicist Villa Eggert surrounded by a beautiful garden. Two closed portals frame the vacant site with the villa and the garden. The right one, a book container, consists of one storey with a clear height matching the height of one rack. The left portal had to contain the cultural centre with the centre point in the book club and the multipurpose studio stage. Simple, crystalline volumes, materials and namely technologies ahead of the late-Socialist period grew from the rich Classicist background and the mysterious “Trukov” garden.



Category:Offices and retails
Client:State Scientific Library
Built project:1989 - 1993
City:České Budějovice
GPS:48.9779800N, 14.4760786E