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Villa Arwen

The villa’s volume grows up from the site characterized by a sharp grade. The building leans to the slope fully respecting it and exploiting its virtues. The organic timber staircase structure ascends up the slope along the house. The house’s dominant element is a generous living space with an inserted “object” housing amenities; a perpendicular wing with a swimming pool and a terrace resembling a boardwalk is its counterpart. A staircase with a rustic timber cladding contrasts with a smooth, light plastered façade and the element making the whole composition more dynamical. The villa’s basic mass will be of a horizontal character with a distinct vertical of the lift and smaller verticals of fenestration. The modelled volume will perceptively copy the grade – it will become its inseparable part as well as the preserved trees it will cohabitate with.





Category:Residential houses
Client:Private investor
Built project:2007
Vila ArwenVila ArwenVila ArwenVila ArwenVila Arwenarwen05Vila Arwenarwen01