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Tetínská House

The build is located close to the Děvín water tower at a prominent place seen from a distance. The house rests on a pedestal containing a garage that is the basement. The house has four aboveground storeys with six flats on the ground and first floors and five flats on the third and fourth floors. The basic character of the house is formed by five “oriels” jutting out in front of the façade plane stretching up two upper stories, arranged along the building’s east façade. The oriels differ in material and colour from the main rectangular mass. This way, the storeys are distinguished providing unique views to the city. Our plan was also to fragment the longitudinal mass projected into the hill’s skyline. The necessary parking is in the underground garage; visitor parking is on the surface.



Category:Residential houses
Client:Abbey s.r.o.
Built project:2017
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