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Zlatý Anděl / Golden Angel

Jean Nouvel´s attractive and daring vision of transformation of the Smíchov borough was initiated by the new geopolitical situation. Prague opens to the world and starts generating new strata while respecting the valuable historic continuity and adds to its collection of buildings. Zlatý Anděl – this is the resultant of an enormous will and effort of all the cooperating parties: the open-mined investor financially supporting a dateless project. The architect exerting the highest creative courage possible and at the same time acknowledging enormous humbleness. The main contractor capable of producing extraordinary output, if necessary.  And eventually the society, a phenomenon everything begins with – it sets up requirements and conditions – and a piece of art integrates into. The final appearance of Andìl is a materialised symbolism of a figural motive. The High-Tech structural design is in symbiosis with the period poetics – emotions embraced by a hyperbolic paraboloid.



The prize awarded by the magazine Stavitel / Builder for architectural detail

The prize was awarded for the design of structural elements of facade structures closely linked to quality interior details using progressive materials.

Title Build of the Year 2001

For developing a live attractive city centre that became the starting point for a complex urbanistic transformation of this part of the city.


Category:Offices and retails
Client:ING Real Estate Development CR
Built project:2001
Cooperation:Jean Nouvel - design architect
GPS:50°4'16.608", 14°24'13.669"